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I have uploaded an image of each riders from the four groups (Yellow, Blue, Green and Red).  The images that I have uploaded are for referencing I do have more from Sunday 11 September 2016.

Can you quote either the red number or the race number and the Group you first rode in.  If you changed your initial Group can you inform me when this occurred, this will enable me to quickly locate your photos.

I was there for the first 4 sessions so there will lots of photos of you.

If I have not uploaded an image of you can you contact me providing the following.  The group you were in for the first session or the Group and session that you started, colour and make of your bike, brand and colour of leather's and make and colour of you helmet.


160912125752_160911_-_CRD_-_32423_13 160912125752_160911_-_CRD_-_32422_14 160912125752_160911_-_CRD_-_32421_15
160912125710_160911_-_CRD_-_32420_16 160912125710_160911_-_CRD_-_32419_17 160912125710_160911_-_CRD_-_32418_18
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160912125105_160911_-_CRD_-_32570_31 160912125105_160911_-_CRD_-_32569_32 160912125105_160911_-_CRD_-_32568_33
160912125105_160911_-_CRD_-_32567_34 160912125105_160911_-_CRD_-_32566_35
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160912010144_160911_-_CRD_-_32738_48 160912010144_160911_-_CRD_-_32737_49 160912010144_160911_-_CRD_-_32736_50
160912010043_160911_-_CRD_-_32735_51 160912010043_160911_-_CRD_-_32734_52 160912010043_160911_-_CRD_-_32733_53
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